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My shop started when I wanted to start selling my artwork online several years ago. I am a fine painter of large mixed media oil paintings. I was trained as a painter my whole life since I was a kid growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. My Dad was always making sure that I was in art class. Thanks Dad!! Love you.

I Studied Fashion Design and Illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Afterward I freelanced as a fashion illustrator. Right out of school I "pounded the pavements" getting my jobs one at a time, all around Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond VA.

I also pursued my fine art passion by taking commissions for pet portraits while living and working in the Baltimore, Washington D.C. area.  I met my husband, Rick, at VCU. Married him and had two boys who have now grown into young men.   We lived in Tampa Florida where my interest in wildlife art was inspired. I hung in galleries all around the area.  I participated in art shows up and down the East Coast and have exhibited on the West Coast.

I've sold paintings, pet portraits, hand painted fashions, and eclectic handmade jewelry.
I enjoy designing and creating most of all! xoxo