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Manifesting A Life I Want

Align with the Good

Tracy DeCamp Law of Attraction

I must be selfish enough to align with well being. Once I am able to achieve and consistently maintain my personal alignment, a great deal of good things will flow into my experience. Let my dominant intention be to revise and improve the content of my story...every day of my life. Deliberately seeking positive aspects of whatever I am giving my attention to. Tune my vibrational tuner.  I am creating by virtue of the thoughts that I am offering.    

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My Emotions Are Vibrations

Tracy DeCamp Ask and Receive

I am an extension of God. The Source of all energy.  When I am allowing my full connection to this source I feel good. Appreciation feels good.  While appreciating I am offering no resistance. My emotions are giving me specific feedback about my I can adjust my vibration. My attitude and my mood are always pointing toward what is coming. When I am joyfully expecting something, it is on the way! I am revelling in the conscious awareness that I have deliberately molded my desires into manifestations.     

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Vibrate Emotions

Tracy DeCamp Law of Attraction Miracles

There is no place that you can not eventually reach from wherever you are. When my desire feels to me like the next logical step, then it is on the verge of manifestation. The key to moving my emotional vibrations up the scale is to be consciously sensitive to the way I feel. By paying attention to my own emotional guidance system, I can change my point of attraction. I will know the vibrational content of my being...always aware of my point of attraction...I can be in concious creative control of my own experience.

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Tracy DeCamp Law of Attraction life expansion mental health

The world is bustling outside...I can hear it from inside here. Stillness...quiet...for one moment. Bustling... Quiet moment again. Bustling... Quiet moment. Quiet.  

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Stay Quiet

Tracy DeCamp Believe blog post Law of Attraction mental health

When I see my mind telling me how to fix the world and everyone in it...the key will be to stay quiet. Remember this not what I want and gently disengage.  Do not ever fight the mind. Watch my mind talk and keep relaxing and releasing...falling behind the "noise". Trigger points help remind me to remain centered. Eventually I will be able to just sit in here and consciously watch the mind.

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