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Feelings about Life — Law of Attraction


Tracy DeCamp Law of Attraction life expansion mental health

The world is bustling outside...I can hear it from inside here. Stillness...quiet...for one moment. Bustling... Quiet moment again. Bustling... Quiet moment. There is no place that you can not eventually reach from wherever you are.  

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Stay Quiet

Tracy DeCamp Believe blog post Law of Attraction mental health

When I see my mind telling me how to fix the world and everyone in it...the key will be to stay quiet. Remember this not what I want and gently disengage.  Do not ever fight the mind. Watch my mind talk and keep relaxing and releasing...falling behind the "noise". Trigger points help remind me to remain centered. Eventually I will be able to just sit in here and consciously watch the mind.

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Aware of Myself

Tracy DeCamp blog post Law of Attraction mental health

I am observing myself from within.

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Love and Joy and Ease

Tracy DeCamp blog post inspiration Law of Attraction mental health

I choose to handle all of my experiences with love and with joy and with ease. Let go of what is going on right then and remind myself that I don't want to play the "mind game". I don't have to change anything. Just be there noticing that I notice.  As I let go of low vibrations my spirit drifts upward. I experience drifting back inside myself...releasing the personal self...letting go of the rest. Joy is the sound that echoes through the universe. You hear that sound when all your struggles are seen for the misapprehension that they are. Today is...

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The Journey

Tracy DeCamp blog post Law of Attraction life expansion mental health

At some point in the journey it all becomes heart not mind. Regularly I remind myself to watch the psyche. Stop putting energy into it. The only action I will take is to relax and release. The old patterns that held me back in my life have been released. The more I practice asking for what I want the easier life gets. Easy fun abundant. Withdraw my attention and the thinking mind falls away. Sit in here quietly and consciously watch my mind. I practiced asking for what I wanted to make my life easier... Easy fun abundant. All is...

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